A new beginning - MUM Clothing has born

Sewing is one of the ways to regain balance, meditate a little, and express yourself creatively. We have sewn a lot in our family, but the real push came with the revelation that we can create fabric designs ourselves. As the fabric business developed, our kids, as well as ourselves, started to think of something new and to create clothes with special details or designs. These are often interesting and useful details that are appreciated by others.

Gradually, MUM Clothing has emerged as a parallel hobby with a business orientation, in which we offer you clothes created by us and accepted by our children. They will definitely be comfortable on a daily basis, easy to maintain, possible to match with each other. For young children, these will be clothes that they can handle themselves, without unnecessary buttons and lgiant ayers of tulle. Practicality and style are important for older children. They want something bright and special, but at the same time it is important to fit in among their peers. For adults, we strive in several directions, because we are so different. One wants a more romantic and brighter design with interesting details, the other in minimalist style in muted colors.

Let's start gradually and grow big. We invite you to join our trip, buy the clothes we create and appreciate the works created by the Latvian family. Follow us on Instagram @mum_clothing_lv or sign up for this page to receive news to find out about the latest products.

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